Caldicot RC Racers

2017 AGM Minutes

Caldicot RC Racers AGM – 19th November 2017

Present: Mike Baldwin, Tom Owen, Andy Nancollis, Pete Belsten, Glyn Jessop, Andy Cobley, Ieuan Payne, Graham Thomas, Mark King, Ashley Gibbons, Martyn Hadley, Michael Belsten

Apologies: Brian Spooner

The chairman opened the meeting with thanks to those who attended.

1) Report on the general workings of the club.

Over the last 12 months, the club has continued to hold successful meetings in addition to the regular Friday nights. Race and Raise last Easter raised over £500 in aid of Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice and we would invite nominations for charities for any future events.

The opportunity was taken to purchase the GNR decoder over the summer, to enable our old decoder to act as a back up to the new one.

A short online survey was carried out to encourage feedback to the club committee and whilst some of the smaller changes have already been implemented, others are being considered for future enhancements to the club.

We have continued working closely with the Committee of the Community Centre to ensure that our interests are represented. As a result the club has assisted the Centre with various projects, including the improvements to the carpark. Special Thanks to Stuart Smith, Steve Griffiths & Paul Knight for giving up their time and machines for that work. We are also working with the committee to feedback other ideas for future improvements to the centre.

2) Report on the position of the club’s finances.

Despite the outlay for the purchase of the decoder, the club’s finances remain in a good state of health. In light of this, we do not propose to change the current membership fees or weekly race fees. This position may be forced to change in the future should any rent increases be levied against the club. Future investments in club assets will be considered as and when they are appropriate.

3) Election of Club officers/Committee Members.

The current committee members have declared that they are willing to stand for position again and in the absence of any nominations they automatically take up the following positions:

Chair – Mike Baldwin

Vice Chair – Tom Owen

Secretary – Pete Belsten

Treasurer – Andy Nancollis

Driver’s Rep – Chris Young

The following additional committee positions were voted on and the new committee members are as follows:

Race Controller: Graham Thomas

Youth Rep/Child Protection Officer – Andrew Cobley

Deputy Youth Rep: Glyn Jessop

Public Relations Officer: Ieuan Payne

4) Update on Feedback Survey – A brief summary was given on some of the items received and the actions taken so far. A printout of all submissions will be made available for all interested members to review and further actions will be taken as appropriate.

5) Close of AGM – As no proposals were received, the meeting was drawn to a close.

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