Caldicot 2016/17 Vintage series rules

As part of the COWS race series we will be running a vintage series.
This has led to some head scratching and the following rules have been devised:

Motor Limit

In the interests of fairness and saving your gearboxes, you can run any motor provided it’s nothing faster than 15T for brushed and 10.5 for brushless (with turbo and boost disabled).

Control Tyres

Also to make things more level, we’ve decided to adopt Schumacher minispikes as the control tyre for the vintage series.
This relates to the rear axle only for 2.2″ wheels. If your car can’t run these huge wheels then you can choose between the kit tyres or the Schumacher Block tyres
Something a little different has been created by the committee to try and keep fairness across the board and create some fun racing.


We are running the vintage class based on any chassis pre 1998, however certain cars will incur a points penalty, whereas others will get a bonus.

The idea is that, for example, to make up for a car’s lack of performance relative to a newer chassis then points will be deducted based on the table below – conversely, for the rarer (or really rubbish cars!) then bonus points will be available (eg: XX4 versus a Grasshopper!)

To really make Pete’s life hard updating the results, the points will adjust based on the number of entries – so the lower the entries, the less points a car will lose, the higher the entries the more points the car will lose! So just because the A Final is made up of XX4s doesn’t mean that you won’t be in the running for the championship. This way there should be more variety in terms of cars and it’s fairer for all concerned.

The Base table below gives you an indication of the points to be added/deducted from championship standings:

IE: finish 2nd overall with a XX4 you would end up with 96 points after adjustment (99 for second minus 3 points for the chassis)


If you have to change a car during an event, then your score will be worked out based on the most modern chassis you run. For example, if you run a PB Maxima in 3 qualifiers and then switch to an RC10 Worlds for the last and final, then your handicap will be based on the RC10 Worlds not the Maxima. If you don’t improve your FTD using the RC10 Worlds and then switch back to Maxima for the final, then raise this with race control.

Any questions please email and we will answer as soon as we can.


We have forums kindly hosted on the following sites:Caldicot Radio Controlled Car Club Forum on Oople& Caldicot Radio Controlled Car Club Forum on UKMRC

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