COWS R3 Race Report


Round 3 of the COWS series is done, and what a days racing! Some drivers were unable to make the days racing due to the snow, but most of the pre-booked drivers were still able to attend. Most of the top drivers from each class were in attendance, as well as a few racing a different class to usual. This meant for some great, close racing all day down to the finals.

Practice, a 4min controlled round of practice was first. Where drivers were able to get to grips with the track layout and get tires ready for qualifying. All in a provisional heat order until race control could make small changes to the heat listing for the missing drivers.

Qualifying, the grip levels changing slightly with the heater coming on and 50+ people doing laps, the increase of grip caught some people out, meaning a slightly scrappy round for some of the heats.

Round by round qualifying saw most improving their times over the remaining rounds, as the grip improved and setups were tweaked.

Finals, the big one. Where everything can be turned around for an individual. Running 8 car finals for all classes would give everyone a little more room on the rostrum and track.

2wd finals were up first, with two finals, which were both very close throughout the field. 2wd B final pole man, Jamie Donovan, had a clean start with 2nd Steve Curtis-Rich and Simon Notley following. They stayed in grid order until roughly the 3min mark, when a small mistake from Jamie allowed Steve to get into 1st. Jamie kept the pressure on Steve to try and force a mistake, but pushing slightly too hard caused another mistake, allowing Steve to take the WIN! With Jamie in 2nd, 5seconds behind and Simon 3rd.

Slightly further back, for 4th 5th and 6th, was a battle between Andy Cobley, Graham Thomas and Andrew Owen. A mistake from Andy on the first lap saw him drop down to 7th, allowing Graham to take 4th for a few laps, before a mistake from Graham allowed Andrew through and he stayed in 4th til the end. Andy caught the battle of Andrew and Graham, but sadly just not enough time. Graham taking 5th and Andy 6th, Damien Jorden 7th and Tim Bullock DNS.

The 2wd Main Event, some top drivers in this race including the first 3 on the grid, Rob West, Chris Mills and Dave Belsten. A clean start for the first 2, with Dave dropping back into 4th early on, allowed Chris to go full attack mode on Rob to challenge for 1st. With them both swapping back a forth for 1st and 2nd meant for an exciting race. This awesome battle between the two of them caused them to go slower, allowing Dave to get back into 3rd and into the mix for the battle. A mistake from Chris & down to 3rd place he goes. Rob then had the break that he needed to pull away to take the TQ and WIN. Another costly mistake from Dave dropped him 2 places and Matthew Jessop got into 3rd with Chris Mills 2nd and that was it at the finish. Paul Knight in 5th, James Laird 6th,Chris Young 7th and Matt Latham 8th.

Screenshot_20171216-221216[1]             Screenshot_20171216-221220[1]

Onto 4wd finals now. With the 4wd C final having only 4 drivers in there of very equal ability it was going to be a close race. Pole man Graham Thomas made a mistake early on, dropping him to the back of the pack and then, whilst pushing to make up time, sadly led to a breakage for him and the end of his race. A close race between Rob Little, Mark King and Simon Notley, with Rob leading for some time, racing all on his own, then a mistake and a breakage saw him have to retire from the race as well. Then there were two, Mark and Simon swapping and changing for the lead till Simon got past Mark and made it stick. An extremely close race till the end saw Simon finish 1st and Mark 2nd only 0.5sec behind!

The B final saw another very close race, with the top 3 all on the same laps. Watching the race and looking at the graph there was plenty of swapping and changing of positions through the whole race. Sadly another unlucky race for pole man Jamie Donovan, with a extremely long lap of 161 seconds. Something definitely going wrong for him and a final for him to forget about. The top 3 of the final, Andy Jones, Gary Preston and Tim Bullock had a really close race, with all 3 of them swapping positions. For the later part of the race saw leader Tim being put under lots of pressure and saw him make a mistake, where Andy and Gary got through and allowed them to battle it out for the last minute. Andy got the WIN, Gary 2nd, Tim 3rd, Glynn Jessop 4th Ed Scott 5th, Andrew Curtis-Rich 6th, Jamie 7th and Dave Clutterbuck 8th with an early retirement.

4wd A final, again lots of close racing in this final, with Rob West setting the pace and winning with a massive advantage. The last 2 podium positions were left to be fought out by Martyn Hadley, Ashley Gibbons and Ieuan Payne. For most of the race they stayed in grid order and were close enough to be able to put a blanket over them, really close racing!

Ieuan tried to make a pass on Ashley but crashed, taking him out of the running and was then far enough back so that Ashley could attack Martyn with everything he could give. This amount of pressure led to Martyn making a mistake and let Ashley through to 2nd. Martyn not going down without a fight and trying to get back past him, but sadly time wasn’t on his side and when the tone went for final lap, it saw Martyn push even harder, but it just wasn’t enough. Martyn finishing 1sec behind Ashley, who took 2nd. Ieuan was 4th, Nathan Notley 5th, Tom Owen 6th, James Laird 7th and Gina Spooner 8th.

Screenshot_20171216-221225[1]          Screenshot_20171216-221332[1]          Screenshot_20171216-221336[1]

Onto the Juniors final. Giving all of the up and coming drivers of the sport their own heat, to give them a chance to race against each other, meaning a mixed class heat of both 2wd and 4wd. In this heat it was great to be able to see the progression of all the drivers, each time they got to the track for another round of racing.  That showed with improvements on all the timings.

Some very good driving standars from these young drivers, when a takeout occurred they waited on the side of the track and also letting the faster cars through was great to watch. So a BIG well done to all the Juniors for that.

There was some very close racing between the juniors, two people setting the pace for the class, Sam Little and Brogan Gibbons, in a class of their own and it was clearly going to be a great final with the TQ going to Sam on the tie break. The rest of the field were all very close as well and them all having a fun time.

The final was frantic at the start with nerves coming into play. Sam and Brogan getting a clean start and breaking away from the pack. Swapping places and clean racing saw Brogan get into the lead at the halfway mark and make it stick, Sam making some small mistakes. But coming back really well from them as when the tone went for final lap he was only 6sec back from Brown, well done both of you! The rest of the pack got pretty spread-out with William Owen in 3rd, Michael Belsten 4th, Matthew Curtis-Rich 5th, Ieuan White 6th and Daniel Mills 7th. Very well done to all the Juniors!!


Finally the last final of the day. The Vintage final. Tom Owen taking the TQ of this class with his XX4, Liam Toole 2nd with his PR cat and Adam Talbot rounding out the top 3 grid starting order with his RC10. An early mistake from Tom dropped him down the pack and Liam took the lead and the win by a clear lap. Pete Belsten running his RC10 took 2nd place and Tom climbed back up the field to finish closely behind (under 1sec behind!) Paul Knight’s RC10 finished 4th, Adam Talbot 5th, John Toole’s Cobra 6th and Damien Jordan 7th with his Top Force retiring near the end of the 5mins. Good work to those running vintage giving those of us not being old enough or not been in the hobby long enough to see how the racing was back then. REALLY COOL.


And thats it the day was done. Thanks to all those that were able to make it and to those that were affected by the snow, we will hopefully see you at the next round. Thanks to everyone who helped pack away the track and massive thanks to the ladies keeping us fed in the kitchen, very kind of you.

The overall championship standings are as follows:

         24993622_1901215256861874_7859883073472535925_n         24852548_1901215260195207_6777391231573702232_n       24909803_1901215263528540_1552942996908642711_n


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