Caldicot RC Racers

Drivers Briefing


If you are unwell in anyway, DO NOT ATTEND, regardless of any test results.

The venue has a one way system and expects all users to follow

The venue also requires all drivers and spectators* to wear masks whilst within the venue.

No face to face pitting. All tables must be protected with a pit mat, towel, or similar.

Follow the one way system onto the rostrum.

Gloves to be used whilst marshalling (not latex gloves).

Supply your own hi-vis vest for marshalling

Hand sanitizer is provided within the centre, but we recommend bringing your own.

*(when permitted)


Ensure that you provide your BRCA number correctly when entering, as these will be checked prior to your entry being finalised.

Follow social distancing whilst waiting to go on to rostrum.

When race is over, exit the rostrum, collect your car and go straight to your marshal point.

Wear your gloves when marshalling.

We will aim to provide 4 rounds of qualifying and 1 final for everyone.

Only Hard case LiPos are to be used

LiPo batteries must be charged in a LiPo bag

Drivers are responsible for their own timing equipment and ensuring that they cross the loop to allow their laps to be counted. Laps will not be added unless the issue is with the timing computer or loop system

The track is shut other than when the heats and finals are in progress, no free practice is allowed prior to, during or subsequent to the meeting (unless authorised by the Committee).

Racers are not allowed to enter race control 

Social distancing of 2m should be maintained between racers outside of family groups. This applies in the pits and on the rostrum.

Do not leave the rostrum during the race.


Rubbish –take your own rubbish home with you. There are no bins in the venue.

No food and drink outside of the pit area.

The designated smoking area is the only place it is permissible to smoke or vape

Children are the responsibility of the parent/supervising adult at all time. If you have juniors with you please ensure they are under your supervision at all times and they respect the personal space of others

First aid kit will be in the kitchen – please let a member of the committee know if you need to use it.

Help pack away the track at the end of the night. Many hands make light work.

We are still in a pandemic, try to keep your distance. Do not congregate together.

Further details are available on the BRCA website:  BRCA Get Back on Track and Wales BRCA Covid 19 Update

By entering the meeting you agree to abide by all of the above.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates: Caldicot RC Racers Facebook site

Indoor RC racing for 1/10th electric off-road in South Wales