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Racing on Hold

In common with a lot of other venues across Wales, ours is currently closed. This means that we are not currently racing, however we are hoping that this will change soon. Please check our Facebook page for any news and we’ll try to keep this site updated too. Caldicot RC Racers Facebook site

1/10th offroad racing at Caldicot RC Racers…

  The most popular class of racing at Caldicot RC Racers is 1/10th offroad, with a number of heats of 2wd and 4wd’s racing each other for the FTD TQ and bragging rights each week! The 1/10th scene is seeing a massive resurgence currently, with new chassis and electrical developments coming along constantly, there are many many […]

Outdoor racing at Caldicot RC Racers…

Sadly we don’t have a¬†permanent¬†outdoor facility, so once a year when the club hosts a round of the WRCA regional championship, a regional competition that feeds into the national BRCA license grading system for the 1/10th offroad class, we set up an old skool grass track out on the lawn on the front of the […]

Indoor off-road RC racing for 1/10th electric off road in South Wales