Caldicot RC Racers


Some of the more frequently asked questions we get at Caldi:

  • When do you race? Every Friday night (with a break between Christmas and New Year) From 6pm
  • What cars do you race? 1/10 Off Road Electric – this includes brands such as Associated, TLR, Yokomo, Schumacher and others. Both 2wd & 4wd classes (we also occasionally run vintage cars)
  • What tyres are best? At present the most popular rear tyres are Schumacher Cactus (U6838). Fronts are either Schumacher Low Profile Cut Staggers for 2wd (U6770) or Schumacher Fusion 2 (U6895) for 4wd. Whilst we don’t sell tyres ourselves, Colin from Western Valley Models is normally in attendance with a selection of tyres, inserts and wheels (to be on the safe side contact Colin Court via Facebook Messenger in advance!)
  • What motor limit is there? None, although as we’ve only a 25m straight, we’d recommend nothing crazy! Depending on experience a 13.5/10.5 is a good place to start.
  • What batteries can I use? Any 7.4v LiPo as long as it is hard cased and you charge in a LiPo bag, in line with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Do I need to have raced before? No, we try to accommodate every ability and would put you with other beginners wherever possible.
  • How does racing work? We normally run 4 rounds of qualifying, with a final for everyone. More details on how the racing is structured is here Caldicot RC Racers – Race Format
  • Do I need to Marshal? Yes – always marshal, straight after your heat, even if you didn’t race. Make sure you are at one of the little orange cones before the race starts. Don’t forget your hi-vis and gloves.
  • Do I have to be a BRCA member? Yes, we are affiliated to the BRCA and require all racers to be members. You can find membership details here on the BRCA website.
  • How are my laps counted? We use AMB/MyLaps timing gear, compatible with the vast majority of AMB/MyLaps/MRT personal transponders*. We do not currently have any handouts. You can run without one, but you won’t be able to keep track of your times.
    (*not the MyLaps RC4 ‘Pure’ transponders)

If you have any more queries please contact us via our Facebook page or email at

Indoor RC racing for 1/10th electric off-road in South Wales