Caldicot RC Racers

Club Night 12 November 2021

This is our second meeting back post Covid and lockdown.

We have had to make a huge amount of changes in order for us to carry on putting events on at Caldicot so this week will be half price while we get back into the swing of things.

Racing will be limited to 18 2WD spaces and 12 4WD. This will give us 3 heats of 2wd and 2 heats of 4wd.

Please see the Caldicot RC Racers Drivers Briefing for details of the event and please note that by entering you have agreed to comply with all rules and regulations of the club, the venue and the government guidance.

At present you can only entry a single class – Please complete all fields completely, if you do not then your entry may not be successful.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates: Caldicot RC Racers Facebook site


Entries are closed for this event.

Indoor RC racing for 1/10th electric off-road in South Wales